Thursday, April 22, 2010

My rant on ignorance.

If you are raised to believe that same sex marriage is wrong, that is your belief, understand that is not everyone' belief. Someone else's marriage does not affect your life. A married gay couple in California doesn't change the way you are living your own life. You did not directly allow same sex marriage, therefore it is not hurting your heavenly opportunity. People taking marriage so lightly is more of Sin then being happily married to someone you truly love for the rest of your lives, whether that person be of the same sex or not. Whether the government allows them to be married or not, they are still going to be together. The difference in being married and being in a committed relationship with someone for the rest of your life, is a piece of paper signed by someone insignificant to your future in heaven. It's okay to marry and divorce someone in 55 hours but to not allow someone the opportunity to marry at all is okay? You are willing to deny someone the opportunity to be married to their partner for the rest of their lives but you grant someone the right to such a short and meaningless marriage? As for "defiling the institute of marriage", divorce rates of STRAIGHT couples are already compromising the institute of marriage. Marriage is not the only opportunity denied to homosexuals. The right to join the armed forces is also restricted. Are you to tell me that if the United States was being attacked and millions of innocent lives were lost and the only people willing to defend and fight us were homosexuals, you would deny them and let you and your family die because of your ignorance and prejudices?

If sex is the issue then anyone is allowed to inquire about your sexual preferences right? Sex is private and personal. You don't want people to have sex before marriaged yet you don't allow everyone to be married, therefore they are going to have sex anyone because, let's face it, what couple in a life long relationship is not going to fornicate? Your ignorance, hate, and judgment is directly causing sin to occur.

Homosexuals are receiving the same kind of discrimination that African Americans were experiencing 40 years ago! Haven't we established that that that is unmoral and unconstitutional? Are we going to revert back to our ignorant ways just to try to stop something that is none of our business in the first place?

Whether you are a christian family with six children or an nontraditional christian or atheist homosexual couple, you do not want your sexual preferences put on display, so why is the issue at hand arguing what orifice is correct?

Marriage, sex, war...What you believe to be wrong is out of your control. If these people are to "burn in hell for all eternity" then why is it your job to try to stop them, you aren't doing it out of concern for them, you are doing it for your own self purposes. If God is to judge them, let GOD judge them! Live your own life without sin...if you can.